From little boys to Manly legends

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AS little boys they were born just 13 months apart and grew up as best mates - as men Brett and Glenn Stewart remain inseparable.

On Sunday night they will team up together for their fourth NRL grand final when underdogs Manly take on the minor premiership winning Sydney Roosters.

Many good judges believe this brotherly connection is the Sea Eagles' secret weapon - and it's not just because of the way they play football together.

As Manly stalwart Peter Peters put it yesterday, it's like their bond has been the magnet that has pulled this team together.

"I have never known a closer bond and I am from a close knit family and family means everything to me,'' Peters said.

"I have seen a video of Brett and Glenn playing as kids.

"Their parents had put it together of their greatest tries and just to see the mateship even back then.

"And now at training you will see Glenn throw a pass up without looking and Brett will come through from 20 metres away and take it.

"You can't train for that, you can't coach it.''

On and off the field, it's like they would do anything and everything if it meant protecting each other.

"We are certainly close,'' Glenn said.

"I can't speak for other brothers but I couldn't imagine being closer than what we are.

"Like, I don't think it is possible, you know what I'm saying?''

To get a picture, Peters takes you back to a story when they were teenagers and Brett was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

"I reckon that is where their bond really started,' he said.

Then there was Brett's court case back in 2010 that dragged his name and his reputation through the mud before he was finally found not guilty.

Peters continued: "I have sat in the dugout with (Brett) and fans have said terrible things to him and he has sat there and copped it.

"And he listens to everything, he hears everything.

"A couple of times, I didn't think he'd heard. And he'd say; `Did you hear that?'

"It was hard to take.''

But then Peters tells you about their family and what they all mean to each other.

How their dad was a coal miner and a butcher and a father most importantly, who would do anything for his kids.

"Salt of the earth,'' Peters said.

Brett started laughing at training yesterday when we asked about his Dad.

"Dad doesn't sleep before the game, he is worse than us,'' Brett joked.

"I don't think Mum is much better.

"They just spent the weekend up here. They brought up our nieces and I spent the weekend with them and I guess next week will be the same.

"Sometimes you've got to tell them to go home.''

You saw in last Friday night's win over South Sydney what these brothers mean to this team.

One minute the Sea Eagles were trailing Souths 14-0 and mistakes from Glenn had directly led to every single point.

But then he did something magical, a deft little kick off his left boot that no one expected, except his brother.

And from there Manly marched into another grand final.

"There is definitely a connection,'' Glenn agreed.

"We were only 13 months apart and we grew up extra close and as best mates and we certainly played a lot of footy together and games around the backyard.

"I don't know if it's anything extra to what other brothers have but Brett seems to chase everything at 110 per cent so it certainly makes things look a bit easier.''

Brett added: "I am certainly not saying that I can read his mind, what he is going to do, but it definitely helps.

"This is our fourth grand final and you know if someone would have said 10 or 11 years ago we would have played in one I would have been stoked.

Brothers Glenn (left) and Brett Stewart have a very close bond. Picture Gregg Porteous

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