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CATCH up on all the big news after Monday night's review of Round 14 and Jonathan Brown's retirement.


MONDAY night kicked off with Herald Sun chief football writer Mark Robinson paying up $100.

Last week, Robbo dared GWS young gun Adam Treloar to give his childhood hero Chris Judd a bum tap after the game and offered the cameraman who caught it the cash.

Treloar followed through on Sunday and Robbo was happy to cough up the dough.


■ OBVIOUSLY, the retirement of Brisbane Lions great Jonathan Brown was at the top of the agenda.

Host Gerard Whateley said it was a bitter sweet day.

"Typically, these things are dreaded but for Jonathan Brown is was truly hoped for," he said.

Brisbane Lions coach Justin Leppitsch then joined the boys.

Leppitsch said Brown's departure was a tough day at the club.

"It was a difficult one. At the end of the day I think it was the right decision and we can look back at a great career," he said.

Leppitsch said Brown would be remembered as a great player but an even better bloke off the field.

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"They call him the people's champ. He really engaged the public and was genuinely interested in people," he said.

"No doubt (he was a great player but even better person). It's a real credit to him.

"(We'll miss him) in a lot of areas. His marketability in Brisbane and what he's done for the code. In the changerooms, he going to be missed in a lot of ways, especially his leadership."

Robinson said Brown's Mark of the Year against Hawthorn in 2002 will be forever.

"I think that mark against Hawthorn sums up Browny," he said.

"He played on the border of recklessness, that was how he played his best football and got the best out of himself.

"When players like Jonathan Brown go, it makes you feel a little bit older because you lose a link to the past."

Whateley said he would remember the big goals.

"I will remember Jonathan Brown kicking goals from 50m, wide out at the Gabba," he said.

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■ THE conversation then shifted to the goal review system after two controversial decisions in Round 14.

The review has been a bug bear of Whateleys but he was happy with one but staggered by the second.

AFL football operations manager Mark Evans said he was happy with the Essendon decision but conceded the North Melbourne decision was incorrect.

"I fully understand why the Essendon one was cleared ... there was no definitive evidence to turn it around ... but the same logic should have been applied to the North Melbourne goal and we don't think it was," he said.

Whateley said the system was faulty and instead of erasing incorrect decisions, it was creating them.

"What we learnt today is that every goal is being reviewed before the bounce in the middle," he said.

"We are using a faulty system to review every goal. (Instead of stopping howlers) we are inserting the howler.

"Does it serve the game well? No. It doesn't because it isn't set up properly."

Robinson agreed: "That was a staggering decision. You ask of yourself, I'm a stupid for missing it?".

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■ ROUND 14 saw two defeats that may be indicative of where Collingwood and Geelong sit in the scheme of things.

Whateley said the Magpies and Cats losses almost ruled them out of top four contention.

"The question of the top four was all but answered with the illuminating failures of Collingwood and Geelong," he said.

"Possession is nine-tenths of the law and the top four now belongs to Port Adelaide, Sydney, Hawthorn and Fremantle."

Robinson wrote about the Cats and said the club's golden period may have finally come to an end.

"They've had a knack of responding to critic, in their era (Geelong). They were scorched by Gold Coast," he said.

"There were elements in the Geelong game that made me think.

"Things can change - we've got 10 games to go - but at the moment they are below the top four.

"I think realistically, they are looking at a transition.

"You can't just trust in your development and expect these young guys are going to come in and replace the champs that have dominated for eight or nine years."

Whatelely said Geelong had proved critics wrong year after year and didn't rule them out of premiership contention.

"Geelong have had a happy knack of evolving when people have written them off but it just hasn't happened yet," he said.

"They've defied expectations by evolving and making it happen."

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■ AFTER the break senior coaches Mark Thompson and Paul Roos joined the panel.

Bomber and Roosy were asked about Nathan Buckley's dressing down of Jarrod Witts during the loss to Hawthorn.

"I'd like to see more of it," said Thompson.

"I think he was trying to get a response and he did."

Roos said the level of scrutiny during games was so intense coaches were no longer able to fire up without the media making a story of it.

"I think that's just coaching," he said.

"Are we're making too much of it? There's cameras on the field, on the box and now they're in the changerooms at half-time.

"He handled it well afterwards."

Thompson was then asked about Essendon's win over Adelaide and how important it was for the club on and off the field.

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"It was really important," he said.

"We really didn't want to lose that one after being in a good position last week and losing it.

Robinson then asked about the players feelings of isolation and loneliness as the ASADA saga drags on.

"Easily (I can understand) ... because I've got it to," he said.

"I think there's a certain percentage of the community that think they've been harshly treated and others that think they cheated.

"They're amazing in the way they've been able to handle everything during the week and then go out and play. They did it last year and they've done it again this year."

The Bombers play Thompson's former club, Geelong, this week and the coach was feeling the nerves but said Paul Chapman was probably feeling worse.

"A little bit, not much more than other weeks," he said.

"I think he'd (Chapman) be pretty toey. Chappy's a different type of guy, I hope he doesn't do anything silly.

"I still barrack for Geelong, the wife barracks for Geelong."

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JONATHAN Brown once again dominated the conversation after bringing his decorated career to an end on Monday.

"You had to admire the way he played and he was a good bloke," Mike Sheahan said.

"I'll remember his Round 6 game in 2005. It was his first game for the season and Brisbane were last ... he came out and kicked 8.2."

Jason Dunstall said Brown's courageous Mark of the Year in 2002 would be his lasting memory of Brown while Gerard Healy said it would be the clutch goals that won the Lions so many games.

Brisbane will miss his leadership and ability but I think we can all tell it was time," Dunstall said.

Harley Bennell put in a match-winning performance against Geelong. Picture: Richard Gosling Source: News Corp Australia

■ IN contrast to the discussion on AFL360, the boys looked more at the Gold Coast Suns after their big win over Geelong.

Sheahan said he didn't expect Geelong to win the premiership at the beginning of the season and were burned by the Suns leg speed.

"They got torched for speed across the ground," he said.

Healy said it was the Suns biggest win of their short history.

"It's their biggest scalp for mine, bigger than Collingwood last year," he said.

Dunstall believed the win could see the Suns lock up their maiden finals appearance.

"This is a team on the move," he said.

"I know they lost three in a row but they'll have a crack at the Hawks. Imagine if they went back to back against Geelong and Hawthorn."

An incident between Jaeger O'Meara and Alan Christensen was also discussed after the Cats midfielder was left dazed.

"I know it doesn't look great but I don't think Jaeger O'Meara is that type of player in the first place and he is pushing his player under the ball, so he can run onto it," Dunstall said.

However, Healy reminded him it wasn't the first time.

"This isn't the first time he's done it.

"He pushed Dan Hannebery into contact and he's got to cut that out. It's careless and Christensen could have been hurt."

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■ GREATER Western Sydney won two games in a row for the first time in their history and received plenty of praise.

"GWS have won two in a row ... a month ago people were saying GWS were a basket case," Dunstall said.

"I think the Giants can take a lot of heart from what the Suns are doing with Harley Bennell. Last year, he was homesick he didn't want to be there and look at him now.

"I think GWS will take great heart from that and the young players will see the progress and buy in."

Sheahan said the Giants turnaround was down to the return of one player.

"All of a sudden they are now playing with belief and passion," he said.

"Mummy has a great influence on that group. He is a great onfield leader."

Rhys Palmer's turnaround has also been a big boost to the Giants after a switch to the forward flank he has kicked 12 goals this season and provided a tough edge to the young forward line.

"You have to admire the way he's adapted to the new role," Sheahan said.

"I admire the fightback and I think he has done remarkable well," Dunstall said.

The discussion the turned to the weekend's losers.

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■ RICHMOND and Carlton are 0-4 in past month and sit second and third last on the form ladder with St Kilda in last place with a percentage of just 43.

"Do you coach for the now or coach for the future?" asked Dunstall.

"I think now, once you get to a certain point in the season, you have to err to a certain path. Now is the time to find out if the young players can play."

Healy wondered whether Richmond could go to the draft or needed to continue their Moneyball experiment.

"The draft can't help him," Sheahan said.

"Is there a premiership in this group right now? If there's not he's got some tough decisions to make," Dunstall said.

Tigers captain Trent Cotchin was also criticised after collecting more than 30 touches but seemingly doing little with them.

"Cotchin, he's got a lot of class ... he has the most kicks of all the midfielders in the comp but has the worst kicking efficiency," Dunstall said.

Sheahan said Cotchin may be trying to cover for his teammates defensively.

"It's disappointing he's getting the criticism. He may not be attacking but he has a great work rate," he said.

"There's a lot of talk about Cotchin and Dustin Martin. My feeling is, Martin plays a lot of the game forward of centre and Cotchin is working back to cover for him."

Carlton had been playing some good football without winning until falling to the Giants and the future of Mick Malthouse continues to hang over the Blues.

"I'd be very disappointed in Mick Malthouse if he isn't taking a future view right now," Dunstall said.

New AFL boss Gillon Mclachlan at AFL house. Picture: David Caird. Source: News Corp Australia

■ NEWLY appointed AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan was the special guest. His first time on the couch since taking over the top job.

"I don't think a CEO has come into the job shrouded in so much controversy, controversy perhaps outside of your control," Healy said.

McLachlan said the Essendon supplements saga was a major issue but he had no answers at this stage.

"I don't know (what will happen) because there are so many variables," he said.

"We don't know how this legal case is going to play out. We have no visibility of the discuss between ASADA and the players managements.

"We don't know what the evidence is. There's been a lot of evidence gathered after the interim report and we don't know what that is."

McLachlan said there were plans in place if a doomsday scenario did occur and Essendon players were banned for two years.

"There are contingency plans - there a multitude of scenarios," he said.

"We have workshopped every scenario and I sit here confident we can get through if there is a doomsday scenario."

Essendon players huddle after their win over Adelaide. Source: Getty Images

He cleared up the situation around the use of AOD-964.

"I think (ASADA CE) Ben McDevitt was pretty unequivocal about that because there was confusion in and around the advice given regarding AOD-964," he said.

"There was confusing messaging to the club and there was sufficient confusion to not issue (show cause notices)."

Brownlow Medallist, Healy has been a harsh critic of the "rolling mauls" this season and hammered McLachlan.

"I think there was a general consensus in the industry that Friday night (Richmond v Sydney) wasn't the greatest of games," McLachlan conceded.

"But there were some great games of football on the weekend.

Healy countered, saying "the bad side of football has never been worse".

"The great side has never been better, there will always be bad games of footy," McLachlan said.

"I'm not going to buy into all this doom and gloom. Yes, there are bad games, our supporters know there are bad games.

"The scrutiny is extraordinary. We all want Friday night to be a showcase event."

Ben Howlett celebrates his controversial goal. Picture: Colleen Petch. Source: News Corp Australia

The goal review system is also in the news after the weekend and McLachlan admitted the Jack Ziebell goal decision was incorrect.

"What they do, every goal is reviewed by the time they get back to the centre," he said.

"I'm happy with (the Essendon) one. I reckon that's the right call.

"The Kangaroos one, that was wrong. I sit there as a fan and I don't like the delay and I don't like the fact it was a wrong decision."

Finally, the boys asked about Good Friday football and whether it would be on the calendar in 2015.

"Everyone has taken that it's a given for next year. I don't think it is a given," he said.

"Given the sensibilities, you want to make it a winner and I don't know if we can make that work given next year will probably be Round 1.

"I'm a believer that you need a good game with top four to six style teams, I don't think it has been be a big powerhouse team.

"If it is Sydney-Port Adelaide in Sydney, then that's a great contest. I don't think we need to be locked into a Bulldogs-Kangaroos or Essendon-whoever."

Jonathan Brown with daughter Olivia, wife Kylie and son Jack. Picture: Jono Searle. Source: News Corp Australia


JONATHAN Brown's retirement continued to dominance the airwaves on Monday night.

One of the greatest centre half-forwards of the modern era, Wayne Carey, believed Brown was right up there when talking about the best in the position.

"He was a sensation," he said.

"I rate him right up there with the very best I saw at centre half-forward - obviously Kernahan, Loewe, Tredrea, Riewoldt.

"The way I'd sum up Jonathan Brown, he got to ball and contests that others didn't and I think that's what sets him apart from the rest.

"He's a remarkable player ... we talk about courage, he took courage as a key position player to a whole new level.

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■ AFTER Sydney notched up their ninth straight victory, Swans coach John Longmire joined the panel.

Longmire was asked about Lance Franklin's improvement and importance to the Swans.

"We know he's talented, everyone knows that, but what we've been pleased with is his ability to go back and kick clutch goals at important times," he said.

"He started the season off not training too much and as a result his form wasn't up to the standards that he sets but he's been able to train more and more as the season has progressed."

Longmire also provided an update on injured stars Kieren Jack and Rhyce Shaw.

"We expect Keiren Jack to be fine but Rhyce Shaw has a similar injury to Daniel Hannebery but not as bad," he said.

"It's probably only two or three weeks and he was actually concerned after the game that it was worse than that, so to come away with a 2-3 week injury is not too bad."

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AFTER discussing the retirement of Jonathan Brown, it was revealed the AFL is looking into the treatment of Alan Christensen after he copped a head knock.

Damian Barrett reported the AFL was investigating Geelong's testing of Christensen after he returned to the field three minutes after being left dazed.

"We're not second guessing the Geelong medical team because they are the top of tree but we are asking the question - and so is the AFL - how does a player with concussion come back on after just three minutes?" he said.

"If Geelong did do a concussion test, it was done in three minutes."

Caroline Wilson agreed, saying concussion was now a major talking point.

"In fairness, this issue has had massive international attention and the AFL and its doctors are saying its an issue they are completely vigilant of," he said.

"On a day when concussion claimed one of the biggest names in the game with Jonathan Brown retiring," Garry Lyon said.

Barrett was also critical of the part Jaeger O'Meara played in the incident.

"The circumstances around it are also a concern," he said.

"The shove from Jaeger O'Meara has been looked at. He's got form Jaeger O'Meara. It would be something that Guy McKenna would be concerned about that."

Chris Scott talks to Darcy Lang during a recent game. Source: Getty Images

■ AFTER their loss to Gold Coast, Geelong coach Chris Scott was in the hot seat.

Garry Lyon said the Cats now found themselves in slightly unfamiliar territory after a bad month.

Barrett asked Scott about the Christensen incident and his quick return to the field.

"From my perspective it's pretty simple, he came off the ground and the coaches have nothing to do with it. The doctors tell us whether he's right to go or not," he said.

"The doctors have their integrity at stake with these issues.

"It's good that we're talking about this. If there's anything we can learn, then that's great. Given his history, our doctors are even more cautious with him."

The Cats have had some big losses this season, which hasn't happened since the start of their dominance in 2007.

However, Scott was adamant the team would continue to go for wins even if that meant copping big losses.

"Our philosophy is to lose by a little bit more to win," he said.

"When you do that you risk getting scored against heavily but we're willing to do that to win.

"When we are better around the contest, we tend to play better, and our record in Melbourne is exceptional but our record on the road against good teams is poor.

"With so many interstate teams high on the ladder, chances are you're going to have to travel to play them in a final.

"When you've got a pattern over a couple of years, it's something you've got to look at."

Finally, Scott was asked about his Brisbane Lions premiership teammate Jonathan Brown.

"I suspect he only really played on to help the younger players through," he said.

"He's been an absolutely ornament to the game.

"I heard Wayne Carey - who's arguably the greatest player of the modern era - say he was his favourite player and the accolades don't come much bigger than that."

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